Kit list


Chainsaw courses

None of the kit listed below is essential for your training as we can supply it for you, however if you wish to purchase your own prior to you course please see below.


  • chainsaw (15" bar preferable but not essential contact us for details)

  • Tools appropriate for your saw

  • Chainsaw trousers, type A class 1 min

  • chainsaw boots/welly's class 1 min

  • Chainsaw Gloves class 0

  • Chainsaw helmet with eye and ear protection

  • felling lever

  • 1 x small plastic wedge (not essential)

  • Forestry belt with timber tongs and measuring tape (not essential)

  • First aid kit (HSE compliant personal bleed control Kit)



We have 4 full training kits for hire, but if you would like your own these are the basics.


  • Tree climbing harness

  • 2 X Long rope 35m-45m

  • Short rope 5m

  • Cambium saver approx 90cm-1.5m

  • Cambium saver retriever ball

  • 5 X karabiners (must be 3 way auto locking 22kn min)

  • 3 X prussic loops 60cm-70cm ( mix of both is advised) or Mechanical prussic such as a Petzl zigzag X 2

  • Climbing helmet with (3 point chin strap ear and eye protection)

  • Rescue connector (small sling approx 10cm)

  • First aid kit (HSE compliant personal bleed control Kit) see link on Home page to Native arb

  • Rescue knife with retractable blade


  • Top handled chainsaw for training ( we can take delivery before your course)

  • Saw strop

  • Tools appropriate for your saw

  • Chainsaw trousers must be type C, class 1 min

  • chainsaw boots (not wellys)

  • Chainsaw gloves (optional)

  • Hand saw (Silkey type)


Buying equipment as a novice can be a bit of a minefield, so please feel free to give us a call and we can help you get the most for your money.

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